Month: February 2015

Exploring Abandoned Places

Abandoned Places Edited by Tarl “Voice” Hoch Cover Art by Kappy Rayne Interior Art by Silent Ravyn 346 pp., $19.95 (ebook, $9.95) FurPlanet Productions, November 2014 Tarl Hoch’s Abandoned Places isn’t the first furry horror-themed anthology,1 but the genre includes relatively unmined territory for anthropomorphic fiction. More intriguingly, many of the voices presented here are relatively new to the scene, or at least to the anthology circuit. Hoch himself may be best known in the fandom as one of the co-hosts of the Fangs and Fonts podcast. Authors include novelists Ryan Campbell, James L. Steele and Ben Goodridge, as well as a few authors known more for explicit work, like Rechan and Kandrel.