About Claw & Quill

Hi there. I’m Watts Martin, the editor/publisher of Claw & Quill. I’ve been involved with furry fandom for a bit over two decades, as both fan and creator.

Claw & Quill has a tagline of “The Anthropomorphic Review,” which it is—but it’s also an online magazine about furry fandom. In some ways it’s easier to describe what it isn’t: it’s not a showcase for art and fiction (not that either one is ruled out down the road), and it’s not an archive like Fur Affinity and competitors. And it’s not a news site like Flayrah.

What we’d like to present going forward are reviews of books and comics—and potentially other media–of interest to both those in the fandom and those more generally interested in stories with anthropomorphic qualities. And we’d also like to get essays and interviews from creators about process—your process: where you get inspiration from, how you work through problems. It could be how you got involved in the fandom, or why you’re involved (or not so involved) to the degree that you currently are. Maybe you’ve learned things about how (or even whether) to price your work and how to promote it. And maybe there are things that aren’t related to what you’re known for that you’d like to share. Basically, the subjects I’m looking for are things that furries—in the many facets that very broad term encompasses—would enjoy reading.

If you have ideas that you’d like to pitch, please bounce them off me. There’s a Submission Guidelines page which goes into more detail and has our contact form. If you know other people who might have great things to share, point them at the site, or in my direction. And I’d be happy to answer any questions or just chat, in email (layotl@gmail.com) or on Twitter (@chipotlecoyote or @clawandquill).