Submission Guidelines

The general word length we’re looking for is about 800–1200 words per article; reviews may be a little shorter, but we do want them to be fairly in depth.

What we’re looking for

This is not an all-inclusive list.


Works open for review will be books–primarily novels and novellas, but non-fiction is possible–and graphic novels. We’re also open to reviewing online serials and longer stories on archive sites like Fur Affinity and SoFurry; our admittedly subjective criteria is that self-published work needs to be worth reviewing. “This thing on FA by an author you’ve never heard of is pretty terrible” is not review-worthy. “This thing on FA by an author you’ve never heard of is surprisingly awesome” might be.

(For a slightly more in-depth discussion of this, please view our FAQ.)

Interviews and Profiles

Basically, anyone who could be interesting to a literate furry audience–in or out of the fandom–is someone worth talking to. Writers, artists, musicians, fursuit makers, convention runners, personalities. Again: use your judgement.

We’d prefer a conversational interview style or even a “New Journalism” style, if you think you can pull it off (we’re not sure we could).1 It’s important that the interviewee be the star of the show. If you as the interviewer are more interested in sharing your accomplishments with us, that’s a different article.

Nonfiction Narratives

This could be the “different article” described just above. Basically, this is a nonfiction story that still has a plot of a sort: how a puppet show comes together, how a specific convention started, how a specific convention ended (cautionary tales can be useful), the story of a video game or a movie.

Unusual Subjects

The subject should be of interest to furry fans, by which we really mean you need to convince us that it could be interesting to our audience. In other words, the topics don’t have to be as relentlessly fandom-focused as the examples above–they have to touch on furry, but it could be a pretty oblique touch. Perhaps you went on a tour of another country with a group of fans, meeting other fans. Perhaps you’re a musician and you can tell us about how furry’s influenced your work. Maybe you have a “furry interest” story about one of the charities our conventions have supported. Try us.

  1. The canonical example of this is “Frank Sinatra Has a Cold” by Gay Talese.