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C&Q Sunset

As must be long since obvious, I’m no longer updating Claw & Quill. While I still love the notion of a furry-focused review site and magazine, this particular one turned out to be difficult for me to maintain and solicit content for, and other projects ended up demanding more of my time.

But, that doesn’t mean that other people haven’t taken up the slack. The best site I’ve found for furry-specific reviews is the straightforwardly-named Furry Book Review, a group blog which does get regular updates. You’ll also see reviews occasionally at Dogpatch Press and Flayrah (albeit infrequently).

And, since one of the (not so) secret long-term goals of Claw & Quill was to become a paid fiction market itself, it’s worth pointing out that we have one now: Zooscape, edited by Mary E. Lowd, the editor of FurPlanet’s ROAR anthology series (and an excellent author). This–a non-themed, non-anthology, free-to-read market for short stories–is something we’ve desperately needed, and something I hope we’ll see more of in the future.

Thank you for reading (and still showing up this one last time!), and I’ll see you all around, I’m sure. If you want to follow me, drop by my web site, Coyote Tracks, which has some of my own stories and fitfully-updated social media.

— Watts

N.B.: Within the next couple of weeks, the C&Q web site will move from WordPress to a static version; there will be few if any noticeable changes based on that. I don’t have any immediate plans to take the content down, but I may eventually do something else with this domain. The earliest plans for “Claw & Quill” were to be a story archive site, an idea that I think still has legs. I don’t have plans for that now, mind you, either. But never say never.

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